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My name is Frans van Aartsen, and I have been in the property valuation profession for 30 years. I am registered in terms of legislation of the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession, with 30 years experience in the property valuation market since 1982.


Purpose of property valuations are market related valuation reports for acquisition, alienation, rental determinations, replacement values for insurance purposes and estates. Fully motivated reports, including digital photos, are supplied as well as Deeds Office information and all related information as required.

A property valuation is carried out by me to give you an accurate idea of the worth of your home. There are a lot of different factors considered in a valuation; even superficial ones, like how tidy it is, can affect your asking price.

Some of the more general criteria include the age of the property, wear and tear, size and room layout, and any extras or additional fittings the house has. Buyers will also need to have a valuation if they’re mortgaging the house, to ensure the lender offers the correct amount. They may carry out more extensive surveys to check for structural damage.

For the valuation to be fair, your house will be compared with similar properties in your area. It should fall in line with general house prices for the locale. The desirability of your neighbourhood, demand for your area and location relative to amenities will all help to boost your valuation.

General Properties

General Properties: Vacant Land, Residential Dwelling, House Properties, Various Rental Determinations

Vacant Land
Residential Dwelling
House Properties
Various Rental Determinations

Industrial / Commercial Poperties
- Specialised

Industrial / Commercial Poperties - Specialised: Filling Stations, Churches, Hospitals, Clinics

Filling Stations

Industrial / Commercial Poperties
- Income Properties

Industrial / Commercial Poperties - Income Properties: Businesses, Offices, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Restaurants, Residential Dwelling, Complexes, Buildings

Businesses, Offices,
Industrial, Commercial, Retail,
Restaurants, Residential Dwelling,
Complexes, Buildings


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